DBMS Architecture Research
Actian Vector (Vectorwise)


Additional information
Storage model Columnar
Open-source No
Available gratis? No
License(s) Unknown
Year released 2004 (?)
In active development Yes
Focus of intended use Analytics-mostly
Kind of data Relational
Distributed Not fundamentally

Precursor Vectorwise

Actian Vector, formerly Vectorwise, is a column-oriented DBMS which developed out of the CWI DA group's research in the 2000s, to create a query execution kernel optimized to achieve more instructions-per-cycle and to better utilize CPU cache.

WRITEME: Talk about how this project developed, more concrete initial goals and achieved goals, refer to processing chunks of a column (a.k.a. vectors) rather than the whole column, refer to VectorWise's website, mention other architectural featores like compressed storage and work on the compressed form etc.