DBMS Architecture Research


Additional information
Storage model Columnar
Open-source No
Available gratis? No
License(s) Custom
Year released 2013
Version described here (Oct 2015)
In active development ?
Focus of intended use Analytics
Kind of data Relational
Distributed Yes

Precursor PostgreSQL

RedShift is a DBMS service by Amazon - that is, one can connect to it (JDBC, ODBC), not install it. It's part of Amazon's larger AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform.

It is a massively-parallelization of what is supposedly originally PostgreSQL 8.0.2 - but apparently with some differences even in SQL coverage between the two. The parallelization uses Actian's ParAccel infrastructure (and note that Actian also offers the Vector DBMS).

Amazon already had a parallelized relational DBMS service before RedShift, RDS - but that one is not column-based.