DBMS Architecture Research
MonetDB Solutions


Additional information
Official form Commercial company
For-profit Yes
Year Established 2013
Active today Yes
Has its own DBMS No
Current Location Amsterdam, NL

MonetDB Solutions is aspin-off of the CWI and specifically coming out of its DB architectures group. It was formed to provide for-pay support for organizations and groups using MonetDB, and to serve as a link between user interests and requirements with the core research and development team. It also engages in its own development work on MonetDB oriented towards customer needs.

More information is available on the company website.

Who's who at MonetDB Solutions.

The MonetDB Solutions and the CWI DB Architectures group intersect significantly. As of October 2015...

Common members: Martin Kersten, Niels Nes, WRITEME

MonetDB Solutions members formerly with the DA group: Ying Zhang, WRITEME.

Company offices are located in the same space in the CWI as the DB Architectures group.

WRITEME: Noteworthy past MonetDB Solutions clients & projects

WRITEME: Noteworthy current MonetDB Solutions clients & projects