DBMS Architecture Research

Welcome to the (skeleton of the) Wiki[]

This wiki is about organizing thoughts, scribbles, ideas and notes (and references and links) into a knowledge base regarding DBMS architectures and some specific research directions in this field.

It is currently just a skeleton, with few pages which are mostly stubbed. It will probably be developed further worked on by Eyal Rozenberg , from the CWI Database Architectures research group. But - it will hopefully become a collective resource at some point.

What kinds of things do we write about here?[]

Category Description
Concepts Noteworthy abstract concepts in the world of DBMSes and in their architecture specifically.
Organizations Institutes, companies, research groups, consortia and any other organization of people involved in DBMS research
Conferences Conferences in which works related to DBMS architectures have been (and will be) presented, and their specific features, tastes, communities of publishers and attendees etc.
Research Initiatives Formally or informally arranged larger-scale initiatives and projects involving DBMS research (TODO: Give an example here).
Publications Journals publishing research work regarding DBMSes, especially in the architectural aspect.
Benchmarks Official (and unofficial) benchmark schemes for assessing DBMS performance.
Languages Languages used to "talk" to DBMSes, to design databases, and to pass structured information within a DBMS.
History Historical events which had significant influence on DBMS architecture, or on the CWI DB architectures group and its related people and organizations.
DBMSes Description of specific Database management systems or DBMS families, focusing on their architecture.
DBMS Components Significant components of specific DBMSes, with more detailed description of their design and implementation
Tools Software tools useful for work on DBMSes: In their design, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and so on.
Research Texts Academic articles, books in print, technical reports on research-and-development website posts.
Systems Individual computers and clusters which are usable by the CWI DA group or the public, or which run architecturally-interesting DBMS installations. (Yes, this includes SciLens :-) ...)

... as well as CWI-DA-group-specific customs, practices and procedures.

What kind of content items are available on this wiki?[]

WRITEME: Add more categories Notes-on-issues, Notes-on-papers, lists-of-stuff, minutes of meetings, to-do-lists, descriptions-of-concepts, stories, historic/biographical information, maybe pages for dynamic coordination of activities like the SciLens cluster

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